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Our Antibiotics

At SWAVET, we prioritize the health of your animals, and our range of Antibiotics reflects our commitment to their well-being.

Each product is meticulously formulated, extensively tested, and designed to deliver exceptional results.

Trust in SWAVET’s expertise and choose the ultimate line of defence for your beloved animals.

At SWAVET, we understand the importance of effective Antibiotics for treatment in safeguarding the health and well-being of your valuable animals. Our carefully curated range of Antibiotics offers a comprehensive solution for a variety of conditions in ruminant animals. From bacterial infections to ophthalmic issues, we have the right product to address your specific needs.

Let us introduce you to our exceptional Antibiotic lineup:

  • SWAVET Foaming Pessaries: These specially formulated foaming pessaries are designed for the treatment of bacterial infections after difficult birth and/or retained placenta in cows, sows, and ewes. Their unique foaming action ensures targeted application and optimal results.

  • SWAVET Eye Powder: Combat infectious ophthalmia in cattle, sheep, and goats with our effective eye powder. Its carefully balanced composition helps alleviate symptoms such as lacrimation, redness, and pain. Say goodbye to eye discomfort and promote a speedy recovery.

  • Swamycin L.A.: When prolonged antibiotic treatment is indicated or frequent animal handling is not feasible, Swamycin L.A. comes to the rescue. This versatile solution is ideal for conditions caused by or associated with Oxytetracycline susceptible organisms.

  • Swamycin: Our trusted Swamycin is a powerful treatment for a range of ailments, including heartwater, tick-borne gall sickness (anaplasmosis), pneumonia, footrot, joint-ill, navel-ill in stock, and strangles in horses. With its proven effectiveness, it offers comprehensive protection for your animals.

  • Swa-Doxy-Mycin: For poultry owners, our water-soluble antimicrobial powder, Swa-Doxy-Mycin, is a game-changer. Specifically formulated for poultry, it provides an effective defence against bacterial infections, ensuring the health and well-being of your feathered friends.

  • Obermycin: Versatility is the key with Obermycin. This remarkable antibiotic tackles heartwater, tick-borne gall sickness (anaplasmosis), pneumonia, footrot, joint-ill, navel-ill, and joint-ill in cattle, sheep, and goats. Additionally, it effectively treats pneumonia and footrot in pigs.